Officials and Volunteers


A swim meet needs a lot of officials and what better ways to support your child’s swimming and gain a better understanding of the sport in the process. High school students are able to obtain accreditation too.

There are also some fringe benefits! If you volunteer before the meet you will have free pool entry and receive a complimentary program. Lunch and snacks are usually provided at full day meets.

Mountains and Plains ASTC Coordinator

Colin Touzell is the Area Swimming Technical Committee Coordinator. Please contact Col by email at if you have any questions about accreditation or wish to undertake one of the courses below. Your local Club will also be able to assist you with contact details.

Process for Accreditation as a Technical Official

All Technical Officials in Australia are trained and assessed under Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. The program is a competency based program. There are no written exams.

The process of obtaining accreditation is as follows:

  1. Advise the ATSC Coordinator that you are interested in accreditation and the module you are interested in. A list of modules is below.
  2. Download the training materials for each module in the table below from the Swimming NSW website.
  3. Read the notes and complete the training exercises. Both the Swimming Australia (SAL) and Swimming NSW training materials must be downloaded and completed.
  4. Attend a workshop with an accredited presenter who will take you through the training materials. The ATSC Coordinator will advise you of the date and venue.
  5. Gain experience at meets and club nights, as advised by the presenter then check with your presenter or the ATSC Coordinator for advice on whether you are ready for assessment.
  6. When you are ready, ask the ATSC Coordinator to arrange for an accredited assessor to assess you at a club meet or at club night. This is a practical assessment against the competencies listed at the back of the Swimming Australia training notes for each module.

Other Courses:

Mountains and Plains Swimming also offers workshops (no assessment) for:

  1. Meet Manager Software - hands on course. Meet Manager is used at all meets (day course).
  2. Team Manager Software – practical hands on introduction. The software assists clubs with meet entry and results management and more (day course).

Technical Official Modules

Module Description Training Notes

Timekeeper Obvious– but you will learn something from the training!
Marshal Organises the swimmers into heats before the races. Works closely with the check starters and is vital to the smooth running of a meet.
Check Starter Just before the start of a race the marshal hands the swimmers over to the check starter who places them behind the blocks, checking that they are in the correct lane.
Starter A good starter ensures all swimmers have a fair go.
Announcer Some say the best job at a meet but also critical to the smooth running of a meet.
AOE/SAT Operator Work the computers that run the scoreboardand timing equipment.
Recorder Seeds entries, processes results and checks for new records.
Inspector of Turns Ensure that swimmers comply with relevant rules from the start, when turning, at the finish and in the change-over in relay events.
Judge of Stroke Ensure that the rules for each stroke are observed and observe the turns to assist the Inspectors of Turns.
Referee Controls the meet and solves all problems.

Introductory Level Officiating - General Principles

Gives a general knowledge of swimming officiating. Free online course available on the Australian Sports Commission Learning Portal.