2017 Technical Officials Development


2017 Technical Official Development Program


Swimming NSW has historically provided development opportunities for athletes and coaches within

the State Development Framework. Swimming Technical Officials (TOs) are an important aspect of

our sport.

There is a need to provide a structured Development Framework and Curriculum to identify

pathways for TOs to develop in the sport, whilst also focusing on TO retention into the future.

Swimming NSW is continuing to build on the success of the previous Technical Official Development


The Technical Official Development Program will again run alongside the swimming “Area

Development Program”.

The Swimming Program

The Area Development Program is standardised across the State to ensure that developmental

activities are being offered to members regardless of location, local resources etc. The Area

Development Framework includes all 12 Areas developing Senior and Junior Target and Achiever

Squads, with a National A Squad comprising athletes who competed at National Age. All squads have

a specific selection criteria based on the level and developmental stage of the swimmer.

Area Development Days

Each Area is required to execute a minimum of one local Development Day for each of the above

swimming squads.

Technical Official Development

Local Area Development Days

The Technical Official Development Program will be held in conjunction with the Area Development

Program. TO Training and Development activities will be coordinated between the Area Technical

Swimming Convenor (ATSC), the SNSW Development Officer and the TSC. Swimming NSW

encourages all TOs to attend your local Area development activity. Please contact your ATSCC for

dates and more details about your local activity.

State Development Days

Swimming NSW will hold Meets for the Achiever Squad, Senior and Junior Target Squads and

National A Squad to facilitate competition amongst athletes of similar level and allow them to

compete for their Area.

Technical Official development at State Development Days

The TSC is also using these Development Days as opportunities to run TO Development activities

including Rule updates and operational information sessions. The concept involves TO’s commencing

at the Achiever Squad level and progressing annually through the Target and on to National A

Squads. Practical on-deck sessions with mentor support are included in these programs. ATSCC’s will

be able to nominate preferred Area TO’s to attend, with weight being given to those in attendance

at an appropriate Area Development Day.

Individuals will also be able to nominate and the TSC will select from all the nominees. Two

nominated TOs from each Area will be invited to attend each of the Achiever Squad Meet, Target

Meet and the National A Meet. Each Area has a potential to upskill six developing Officials annually

under this program.

Swimming NSW and Area Support

Swimming NSW, through the SNSW TSC Development Budget, will provide some financial support

for TOs invited to attend and participating in the SNSW TSC Development program.

Technical Official Mentors

At each SNSW Development activity, there will be TO Mentors to assist in training and on-deck


The ATSC nomination recommendation form can be found HERE

Table outlining an overview of the program for the State development activities follows.

For more information about the TO Development Program, please contact

Sarah.Koen@nsw.swimming.org.au or (02) 9763 5833.

 Or to down load the Document click the link below.

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